Eijiro Matsuda originally established Mazda Iron Works in Honjo-cho, Higashi-yodogawa-ku, Osaka, and started production of chemical pumps and paper mill machinery.
Moved to Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, where he enlarged his buildings and plants for chemical pump and water pump production (These were mainly centrifugal pumps).
Successfully produced chemical glandless pump of vertical type and delivered 36 pumps units to Mitsubishi Kinzoku Kogyou, Naosima Refinery as well as delivering a number of units to other companies.
Granted registration for utility models of chemical glandless pumps, horizontal type, as well as for centrifugal pumps, jet type. A number of these pumps were delivered to Sumitomo Kinzoku Kozan Co.,Ltd. to be used for nickel refining.
Authorized as a works under naval supervision and delivered a number of chemical pumps and other equipment for nitric acid production to the Navy Explosive Plant.
Buildings & Factories in Urae, Osaka, entirely burned down during world War II so the Works was moved to the present location Takarazuka-shi Hyogo.
Mazda incorporated, with Eijiro Matsuda elected as representative director. Restarted acid-proof pump production. Before world War II the company mainly produced chemical pumps made of anti-corrosion materials, such as high silicon cast iron, hard lead and stainless steel (Ni8-Cr18). After the war, other types of pumps were developed including those with rubber lining pumps, vinyl chloride pumps, and other stainless pumps made of various materials such as high nickel alloy.
Eijiro Matsuda resigned his directorship and assumed the position of chairman.
Eiichi Matsuda was elected as representative director.
On account of his contribution to the development of acid proof pumps, which were suitable for various types of liquid chemicals, Eijiro Matsuda was honored with an Yellow-Ribbon Medal by Japanese Government.
Opened Tokyo Branch.
Developed the Pilomet alloy which has high acid resistance and wear-proof properties. It is mainly used with flue gas desulfurizer. (PILOMET 11, PILOMET 26)
The 5th order of Sacred Treasure was awarded to Eijiro Matsuda on account of his further contribution to industrial developments by consistently promoting the above described technical development.
Opened Kokura Branch.
Separated the Sales Division and established the new, independent Mazda Pump Engineering Co.,Ltd. Eiichi Matsuda assumed the additional post of representative director of that company.
On account of the development of the "PILON" which is used to vertical type pump for sulfuric acid plants, we were awarded a Grand Invention Prize from the Japan Invention Promotion Association.
Developed PILOMET 30, an anti-corrosive wear-proof material and started its production and sale. Also began production and sale of PILON 7 and 8 pumps (high chrome casting) which were suitable for use with slurry and a wear proofing.
Eiichi Matsuda, representative director, died.
Eijiro Matsuda and Hirokazu Hatanaka assumed directorships.
Both Eijiro Matsuda and Hirokazu Hatanaka resigned and Bunji Matsuda became representative director of Mazda Pump Mfg.Co.,Ltd. as well as director of Mazda Pump Engineering Co.,Ltd.
創業者 松田栄治郎取締役会長死去、93才。
Started delivery of the largest flue gas desulfurizer pump in the world, to Jyoban Kyodo Thermoelectric Power Plant, in Japan.
Completed Laboratory.
Successfully developed ceramics pump of vertical type for handling melting Aluminum.

70th Anniversary.
On account of the development of ceramics pump, we were awarded a Grand Invention Prize.
Bunji Matsuda assumed the position of chairman.
Kazuto Matsuda was elected as representative director.
Completed Kanzaki Factory.
Successfully developed high efficient large size flue gas desulfurizer pump.