Greetings Since 1916, when MAZDA started pump production in Osaka, we have made every effort
in manufacturing chemical pumps, our constant studies and unique engineering in specific technological
fields has enabled us to offer a number of excellent chemical pumps to the market. Our performance has
been greatly appreciated, particularly by basic industries such as the iron, electric power, and heavy
chemical industries. This is a result of our highly developed technique and engineering abilities in these
fields. Accordingly, our unique chemical pumps have been put to extensive use not only in domestic but
also in overseas services in iron an nonferrous metal plants located in Southeast Asia, China, East Africa,
South America and other developing countries, thus helping contribute to these countries development.
We are proud of our technology and accomplishments in these areas. We will continue to make much more
effort to sincerely observe our originally established policy "Technology Priority" so as to always offer our
unique and excellent pumps to these industries.

                                                    Kazuto Matsuda